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Worth the Wait

My Haitian daughters have been home for over a year now.  I refuse to count the months and days exactly because I did that for so, so long while we waited for their adoption to be completed.  The freedom to lose track of time is a sweet luxury.

Recently, I helped one of them from the bath tub and wrapped her in a fluffy white towel, pulling her close, and inhaling deeply, savoring the fact that she was mine and home at last.  She snuggled close to me. 

I rubbed her down with lotion to keep the “itchies” away and as I was finishing said, “I remember the first time I gave you a bath.”

She perked up immediately because she loves to reminisce.  “You do?” she asked.  “When?”

“It was the first time I came to Haiti; when I came to visit you”, I replied.

 She asked, “Did I like it?” Her eyes twinkled because she already knew the answer and she is a big tease.

“Oh, no.” I answered  “You hated it.”

She giggled and asked, “Did I cry?”

“Yes”, I replied.  “You cried the entire time.  You did not like me very much.”

 At this, she laughed out loud.  “But I like you now”, she said.

“Yes”, I laughed with her. “You like me now.”

 “You know,” I said.  “I have been thinking.  Things seem to have settled down for you lately.  You seem to love your brothers and sisters.  You seem to be glad you are here.  You just seem, I don’t know, happy.”

At this she shouts, flinging arms wide in expression “That’s because it is wonderful here!”

And I whisper the same prayer I have whispered a thousand times since we finally boarded that plane to come home…..

Thank you…..

Thank you……..

Thank you…….

It may have been excruciating, but my babies were certainly worth the wait.



Precious baby fingers,

Precious baby toes,

Precious baby lips,

Precious baby nose.

Come let me hold you closely,

I can’t resist your charms.

Wrap yourself up in my arms.

Baby essence fading swiftly,

It’s here and then it’s gone,

Savoring so desperately,

But I can’t hold on…….

Precious baby fingers,

Precious baby toes…..

What I’d do without you,

Only Heaven knows.

-Sherri Gragg


One comment on “Worth the Wait

  1. mama2roo
    February 26, 2007

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment.

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