Sherri Gragg

Writer. Mom. Daydreamer. Dog's Best Friend.

Beautiful Dark Child

Beautiful dark child,

I lie watching you sleep in the moonlight.

Your dark skin is in sharp relief with the white sheets surrounding you.

Your hair, in braids, is beautiful even in slumber.

Dark, thick lashes cover pools of deepest ebony I know lie beneath.

Dark child, sleep on.

Beautiful dark child,

You are restless in your sleep, tossing back and forth.

You cry out and I place my hand on your chest to comfort you.

Beneath my fingers your heart beats in rhythm with ancient African drums.

Africa is in your veins.

Dark child, look back.

Beautiful dark child,

The blood of your ancestors flows through you.

Their perseverance, their struggle, their fight!

You are the precious fruit of the strength of their will.

Dark child, heed their example.

Dark child, lead on…..

By:  Sherri Gragg

Written in Haiti by flashlight.  November 10, 2005


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