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The Livesays are my kind of people.  Tara has a great sense of humor.  Troy takes beautiful photographs that inspire me.  They feed the hungry.  Love God.  Share hope with the hopeless.  Their family is bigger than mine!  Most of all, they are real, non pretentious, honest. 

If you have not visited their blog, do so today.  I promise you will be blessed. 

Here is why Tara is thankful…..

Tara L. |  | |

Hi Sherri-
I have been missing reading your thoughts … but am up and reading tonight.

I am still processing these thoughts that I attempted to blog but cannot get it to say what I want …

I am thankful that I do not have to know it all — I do not have to understand what God is doing, I do not have to understand everything I see and encounter — I can just NOT KNOW — I can just let HIM KNOW — I am thankful that He still loves me even though I don’t get so many things and I don’t have so many answers.

I am also thankful that my husband will be with me in 6 more days. PRAISE THE LORD!

And Tara….I am thankful for you.  ~ Blessings and Christ’s Peace, Sherri


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This entry was posted on September 27, 2007 by in Christianity, God, Haiti, hope, inspiration, joy, thankfulness.
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