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Hope Against All Hope


No matter what I see, there is hope.

Abraham realized his body was as good as dead, but…

Against all hope, he hoped in Him who is able to raise the dead. (Romans 4:19-20)


When I give in to despair, I am exalting my circumstances above God.

Hope is knowing God is greater.

Hope is trusting He is good.

Hope is walking in freedom.

Hope is eternal because as long as God is there is hope.


Today, teach me about hope.  I love you.



One comment on “Hope Against All Hope

  1. totaltransformation
    June 10, 2008

    I know this is unrelated to your post but I wanted to get your opinion on something. Our adoption agency suggested we put together an introduction book to give to social workers and potential adoptees. I wanted you to check over what we have so far (a work in progress). I would love to hear (and be grateful for) your comments and criticisms. Thanks.

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