Sherri Gragg

Writer. Mom. Daydreamer. Dog's Best Friend.

A Little More Nonsense, Please.

On the way to church, our 7 year old boy announced he knew what those letters on the gear shift represent.

“Ok,” said Dad.  “What does the “D” stand for?”

“Drive,” the boy answered.

“Good,” said Dad.  “What about the “R”?”


“Ok, how about the “P”?”

Boy had to think for a moment on that one.

“Mmmmm,” he said.  “I know!  Pursue!”

Laughter all around.

“Pursue?  That’s good,” said Dad.  “Ok, how about the “N”?”

Boy knew the answer to this one right away.


Mom totally wants a minivan that has gears for both “Pursue” and “Nonsense”.


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This entry was posted on February 9, 2010 by in children, family, humor, parenting.
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