Sherri Gragg

Writer. Mom. Daydreamer. Dog's Best Friend.

Beauty On The Lam

She was a beauty. Long legs, ebony eyes, and a heart that loved with joyful abandon. She was the kind of girl that made you take a second look. Mostly, because you couldn’t help wondering…

“Boxer, or English Bulldog?”

She looked a bit like an English Bulldog with a nice long set of Boxer legs – like there was a tiny mixup at the bulldog factory.

Anyway, she was on the lam and of course, God brought her to me to return home. So, I was off again, walking the neighborhood in my pajamas, with another lost dog on my leash. She walked politely beside me, noisily sucking air through that crazy bulldog smashed-up face. Warily, I eyed the long streams of drool bouncing off her bottom lip.

“Please, please don’t shake,” I begged her.

I found her address and soon I was returning her to her grateful owners as we all stood awkwardly in our jammies. They were really relieved to have her home. I was a little sad to say goodbye.

Then, I walked home with an empty leash and a full heart.


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This entry was posted on May 10, 2011 by in dogs, God, humor, Uncategorized.
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