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Our Father Who Is In The Heavens

In Dr. Kenneth Bailey’s brilliant commentary on The Lord’s Prayer, he makes the observation that to call God our father is an expression of profound intimacy. Dr. Bailey says God is a father like no other in his willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to save us but He is also in the heavens.

There are days when this truth brings me even greater comfort than the assurance of God the Father’s tender love for me. Some days, I need to sit in the truth that He is not only my intimate Father but also mighty to save.

So…I do a terribly nerdy thing on those days. I go to the website for the Hubble telescope and wander through the galleries. I turn each page slowly as I linger over breathtaking images of the Sombrero Galaxy, Eagle Nebula, and Saturn’s rings.

Yes, He is my Father so intimately near, but He is also in the heavens and I am so very glad.

<Gas Pillars in the Eagle Nebula (M16): Pillars of Creation in a Star-Forming Region


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This entry was posted on June 4, 2012 by in Bible, Christianity, faith, God, hope, inspiration.