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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Bonhoefer Quote

On perseverance in suffering… “For remaining steadfast, remaining strong is meant here too; not weak acquiescence or surrender, not masochism, but growing stronger under the load, as under God’s grace, … Continue reading

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Saints and Screw-ups

My mom tells me I was in church within mere days after my birth.  Many of my earliest memories are of little country churches and the good, kind people who … Continue reading

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Dominus Flevit, Where Jesus Wept

Jesus wept.  We are told he wept at the grave of Lazarus and wept again as he gazed at beautiful Jerusalem on his triumphal entry.  The word for “wept” as … Continue reading

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The Complexities of Pilate

When the Jewish leaders brought Jesus before Pilate early on the morning after his arrest, they may have been surprised to find the Roman ruler already awake and ready to sit in judgment.  … Continue reading

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In Annas’ Mansion

As Naman Avigad led the excavations of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem between 1973-1974, he began to unearth something remarkable. Under Mr. Avigad’s guidance, spades broke … Continue reading

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When A Sword is Not a Sword, and an Ear is More Than an Ear

Mike Tyson shocked the world when he savagely bit off a one-inch piece of cartilage from Evander Holyfield’s right ear in a boxing match at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, … Continue reading

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A quiet, holy garden is enshrined in Jerusalem and pilgrims enter her gates with a hush.  In the center of the garden, huge olive trees, their trunks ancient and gnarled, grow near … Continue reading

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Easter Series

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile may remember I did an Advent series this past December.  I have decided to do a few posts … Continue reading

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Let Your Words Be Few

I was small, so small that the back of the pew was almost as tall as I was.  It was a humble church of worn wooden pews, frayed hymnbooks and … Continue reading

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