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Monthly Archives: August, 2013


I had been putting it off.  Dreading it. Freelancing. Before the book deal came my way, I spent my days as a freelance writer.  I had never written a book … Continue reading

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Chambers Quote

“We must be merciful to God’s reputation. It is easy for us to tarnish God’s character because He never argues back; He never tries to defend or vindicate Himself.” – … Continue reading

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Inspired News: Racism Meets Its Match

Brent Campbell was just working out to stay in shape for the UNC Wilmington track team when he heard shouting. He looked up to find a pickup truck had stopped … Continue reading

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Inspired News: Japanese Commuter Train Rescue

Recently a woman in Japan fell between her commuter train and the track during rush hour.  She was pinned by the 32 ton train.  The crowd of commuters spontaneously came … Continue reading

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Inspired News: The Miracle of Resilience, The Power of Forgiveness

I once heard it said that the power of forgiveness is that it frees us.  When we forgive, we stand courageously to say, “You may have hurt me in my … Continue reading

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Inspired News: The Girl Who Roared

I am a news junkie.  Honestly, most of what I read is less than encouraging.  This broken world if full of much pain and sorrow.  Lately, though, I have come … Continue reading

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I Did it! Manuscript Complete!

Well, Thomas Nelson did it. They managed to get a for real book out of me. Here is the photographic proof. My 15-year-old daughter graciously assisted me in keeping everything … Continue reading

August 5, 2013 · 6 Comments