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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

Arms Open Wide Ereader Special Promotion $3.99!

Amazon is offering a limited time special promotional price for the e reader of Arms Open Wide.  For this month only, you can download the e reader of my book … Continue reading

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God Help Me, Cause Sometimes… I Just Don’t Wanna Do Right…

Bathsheba had a hold on David. Some Biblical scholars insist her entrapment of the king was deliberate.  The houses in the ancient Middle East were very close together, so logic … Continue reading

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Sun and Shield

My 13-year-old daughter loves amazing facts.  She researches them on the internet and brings them home from school. She doesn’t ask for sappy teen romance novels on her Kindle but … Continue reading

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“I Have Seen the Lord!”

“Rabboni!” Mary gasped, and threw herself at His feet.  Mary laughed through her tears as the scent of myrrh and aloes drifted up to her and she realized the men … Continue reading

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“Jesus, remember me…”

“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” (Luke 23:42) It was a hope well placed.  Jesus’ answer was immediate and full of promise- rescuing the one willing to … Continue reading

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A Kingdom Not of This World

Jesus turned to carry His crossbeam to Golgotha.  He was just collateral damage in the eyes of Pilate and the Jewish leaders, a pawn to be played.  In truth, His … Continue reading

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More Lessons From the Dog Park

Allister has lost too much and he is afraid.  He is afraid of thunderstorms, cars, and loud noises.  Umbrellas are not o.k. Lots of men are scary too. Sudden movements?  … Continue reading

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Give Us Bread…And Free Us From Fear

Do you struggle with the fear of being in need?  I wrote about it this month at Follow the link….

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Forgetting Glory

This past week I traveled to Mississippi to speak to 275 women.  There were teenagers with big dreams of the future and grandmothers with hair as white as Mississippi cotton.  White … Continue reading

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Arms Open Wide Review at

There is a new review up for my book, Arms Open Wide, up at!  Check it out!  Arms Open Wide is available for pre-order everywhere and will be in … Continue reading

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