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Monthly Archives: June, 2014

Bread of Life

I wear a pendant around my neck that is precious to me.  It is a silver casting of an ancient seal my friend Dr. Gabriel Barkay found as he sifted … Continue reading

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Million Dollar Listing vs The YMCA Lobby. Location, Location, Location.

When you picture a writer at work, what comes to mind?  A quiet little cabin in the woods? A serene cafe where all of the most creative types toil quietly … Continue reading

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When It Seems God Has Walked Right Out of the Room

“Just when I thought God had walked out of the room..” I once said to a friend through my tears, “He showed up.” I remembered this moment today as I … Continue reading

June 23, 2014 · 1 Comment

Learning to Give Good Gifts

“I love you so much.  Please don’t choose this path,” I said to my son as tears ran down my cheeks. And in the middle of this moment of the … Continue reading

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A Miracle Right in Front of Me

“Why are you staring at me?” my 13-year-old asked with a twinkle in her eye. I shook my head, and blinked away tears as I reached out to pull her … Continue reading

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I am sitting on my porch this morning watching a slow moving line of storm clouds creep over my hometown. I am struck by the contrasts- the dark, brooding clouds … Continue reading

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