Sherri Gragg

Writer. Mom. Daydreamer. Dog's Best Friend.

A Day Off

Last night I dreamt of fishing for giant pirranhas that turned into woeful, suffering dogs when hauled upon the pier. They lay there staring at me in silent suffering, waiting for slaughter. I watched myself, from outside my body, hold my head and scream at the horror of it. 

Then, I was properly in my own head again, staring out at dark and ominous storm clouds gathering over the sea. Suddenly, a white funnel dropped from the clouds to touch the sea and then began rushing toward the pier.

My children. I had to find my children and get them to shelter  

So I screamed for them and screamed for them above the howling wind and crashing waves until I found them all but the only shelter I could find was a small brick building, one wall of which was glass. 

I covered their bodies with my own. Then, just before the tornado or cyclone or whatever it was struck…

The dream shifted. 
I was watching tv and a commercial came on. There on the table on the screen, stacked atop the first Harry Potter book, was my book, Arms Open Wide. 

“My book is being used as a PROP!” I exclaimed. 

Then, I said, “Wait, does this count as publicity?”

I have been a little stressed.

So today is a mental health day. 

 The lake. The babies. A good book, given by an even better friend. 

I am gonna make it.  



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